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Savannah Therapy Solutions started with a simple yet powerful vision: provide exceptional, traditional, face-to-face therapy sessions.

Since there are many clients that would prefer anonymity, I decided to provide private online sessions via email. Online therapy or assessment from your home or office allows you to choose a time that is convenient for you. There is no commute, no parking, and no concern about being seen walking into a therapist's office, or bumping into a friend as you leave.

Private online email therapy sessions are a very powerful and truly unique therapy tool for clients who:

1.) Have a lifestyle or situation that prevents them from using traditional face-to-face counseling.
2.) Would like to receive counseling exactly when they feel the need.
3.) Would like to receive services anonymously.
4.) Live in areas with limited counseling services.
5.) You are comfortable using the internet.

Anonymity: Savannah Therapy Solutions collects minimal personal information. I believe that the best way to ensure that your private information stays private is to not collect it. But to help me evaluate your needs, I do require that you fill out my counseling session form. If you enter into an online counseling session, only your first name will be used.

Will you benefit from online counseling? You bet!

I would agree that traditional therapy is better, but therapy counseling when you need it is better than nothing and I might motivate you to seek needed professional help, no matter where you live. If you are considering therapy and your answer is "true" to any of the following statements, and believe you would benefit from therapy, seeking help from a licensed professional online therapist may be the best choice for you.

1.) My schedule is so hectic that keeping the same appointment on a weekly basis would be impossible.
2.) The thought of calling a therapist, making an appointment, and/or going to a therapist office terrifies me.
3.) I have thought about therapy on several occasions but have not made the effort to seek help, even though I know it would be to my benefit.
4.) I would just like to get some professional advice every now and then and am not seeking any weekly commitment.

Emergency: Savannah Therapy Solutions does not offer emergency or on-call support. If you or someone you know is in danger or in a serious crisis situation, please dial the emergency number in your area. If you are in the USA, please dial 911 immediately.

How much does it cost?

For online sessions of one-hour duration, my charge is $65.00 (US) per session, including connection and administrative costs. You will save $10.00 (US) per session if you book three (3) or more sessions together.

The rate for email therapy is $25.00 per response. I do not charge you for simple queries. Your initial email and my response to it are no charge as well.

You will pay by credit card through PayPal as this is the most secure and reliable online transaction method on the internet.

Let's get started!

Congratulations. You have entered my virtual office where I provide online counseling and psychotherapy medium of the internet. Help is just a few "clicks" away.

By taking this opportunity, you reflect the growing trend of people who, for one reason or more, are forward-thinking and taking charge of your personal issues and are seeking counseling on your own. Online counseling offers you new and dynamic possibilities to begin or continue counseling in this new environment.


The following is your guide for setting up your appointment. Please follow these five (5) easy steps:

1.) Decide which type of counseling session will serve you best.
a. Online counseling service.
b. Face-to-face counseling service (Chatham County, Georgia, USA and surrounding counties). For face-to-face counseling, I do take most major insurance programs.
You must read through and agree to the terms of use before you set your appointment and payments through PayPal.
After completely reading the terms of use, continue to step 2.
2.) Please fill out the session form as accurately as possible. This will assist me in evaluating your needs quickly.
3.) Select the day of the month/week/time of day that you wish for me to meet with you, I will confirm with you within 12 hours.
4.) You can now choose to select single or multiple appointments. PayPal makes it easy. Your payment is direct, secure, and they handle all the processing.
5.) When I receive your receipt from PayPal, I will confirm one of your requested time and date selections by email to set and confirm your appointment.

Return Appointments: I require that the counseling session form be filled out each time. It will help me in evaluating your progress.

Issues discussed in therapy are important and are generally legally protected as both confidential and "privileged." However, there are limits to the privilege of confidentiality. These situations include: 1.) suspected abuse or neglect of a child, elderly person or a disabled person, 2.) when your psychiatrist or therapist believes you are in danger of harming yourself or another person or you are unable to care for yourself, 3.) if you report that you intend to physically injure someone the law requires your therapist to inform that person as well as the legal authorities, 4.) if your psychiatrist or therapist is ordered by a court to release information as part of a legal involvement in company litigation, etc. 5.) when your insurance company is involved, e.g., in filing a claim, insurance audits, case review or appeals, etc., 6.) in natural disasters whereby protected records may become exposed or 7.) when otherwise required by law. You may be asked to sign a Release of Information so that your therapist may speak with other mental health professionals or to family members.

Consent for Treatment
By signing below, you are stating that you have read and understood this policy statement and you have had your questions answered to your satisfaction, and that I am at least 21 years of age.

I accept, understand and agree to abide by the contents and terms of this agreement and further, consent to participate in evaluation and/or treatment. I understand that I may withdraw from treatment at any time.

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