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"Dawn is a compassionate and well respected professional within the community. She is competent, well prepared, and determined to provide the best possible care to each client encountered. Her reputation as a registered nurse is also impecable. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in counseling or requiring the advice of a nurse. Her experience and background project a professional who can address the challenges of individuals from all ages and therapeutic needs . I will continue to recommend Dawn to those in search of counseling for proffesional advise and treatment." -- Gregg Fulton, Owner/President, Right at Home in Home Care and Assistance

"Dawn Gilbert is a highly trained and dedicated therapist. She responds very quickly to referrals and is becoming increasingly popular among the local professional community. As a social worker, I am confident in her ability to diagnose and treat clients who need this assistance. There are a number of proefssional counselors in the area but few have her compassion and drive to improve one's quality of life. Savannah should be thankful for her arrival as a therapist where many lives will be significantly improved through her caring touch." -- Jonathan Neil Hunnicutt, LMSW

"I really am grateful to Mrs. Gilbert for assisting me in getting my life back together, the thing that impressed me the most is that she gathered information concerning my history, my medication and devised a plan of care that was especially geared towards my personal problems and history, I was very impressed with this. She also guided me in the right direction with my career. At times I did not know which direction to turn too, but through her guidance and patience, I was able to cope with depression and anxiety and able to put my life in a realistic perspective, I will forever be grateful to her and her diligence in guiding me and making sure that I was on the right medications that were effective, I suffer from Bi-Polar disease and through her caring and knowledge in this field as a nurse and a therapist, I was able to begin my life again and I have been improving daily ever since." -- Anonymous

"I had no hope, she gave me strength, I was ready to give up after years of suffering from depression and anxiety, she told me -- 'you are worthy of good things in life, you just don't know it!' I was abused as a child both verbally and physically and it did not allow me to enjoy anything good in life! She taught me how to put the past away, she states and I will never forget! Put all of those memories in a suitcase and throw it off of the Talmadge bridge, you don't need them anyway! The past is over, you cannot change it, but what you CAN do, is live for now, today and for the future. She taught me how to put the past to rest and to concentrate on the "here and now" and it worked, she educated me on cognitive therapy and it works! She taught me valuable skills concerning my negative thinking, to turn these thoughts into positive ones. After about 3 months of therapy, one day per week, I learned how to think in a whole different way. It has changed my life and also my entire family's life. I am now a happier, positive person. Everyone that knows me sees the change. Where there was darkness, there is light, now like the old cliche', my cup is not only full, but close to running over. Thank you, Mrs. Gilbert for teaching me how to help myself! As you said, 'you have the power and control over your own thoughts' and yes, I learned to take control! We also worked together on a treatment plan that included exercise and diet, I not only feel mentally happier, I also lost 20 lbs in the process! Another Kudo for my therapist! Happy at last, and 20 lbs lighter!" -- Anonymous, but don't really need to be! I am proud of who I am, at last!

"I would just like to say thanks to Mrs. Gilbert for assisting my child who has ADHD. She worked with him and did some skills training through Biofeedback and taught him how to relax and focus. Although he is still on his medication, he is learning to concentrate better and maybe in time, he will not need it at all. Plus he really enjoyed the training on the computer! This is a great breakthrough for him as he could not sit still longer than 5 minutes and was very irritable and could not even sit still long enough to read a child's book or color a page in a coloring book, his mind was racing. I felt helpless with my own child! She worked with him on his concentration and focus skills and he has really improved and is doing better in school and even sits still in church. I am seeing a great improvement in his concentration! Thanks, Mrs. Gilbert!" -- A very grateful Mom!

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