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Psychotherapy is often used alone or in combination with medications that treat mental conditions. Psychotherapy involves various treatment techniques in which a therapist or mental health care professional assists a client to identify and work through obstacles that may be causing their illness.

Psychotherapy assists clients in understanding and identifying the life problems, such as a medical illness, a death, loss of a job, or divorce, that may cause stress in one's life. Therapy assists in guiding clients to achieve a better understanding of how to cope, solve or improve on those factors that are contributing to the stress in one's life. Learning coping techniques and how to problem solve offers valuable techniques in assisting clients to regain a sense of control and pleasure in their lives. Therapy is offered to clients in a number of ways such as:

Individual Therapy
This therapy involves only the client and the therapist, on a one to one basis.

Group Therapy
Two or more clients may participate in therapy at the same time. Clients are able to share their experiences and talk among themselves concerning their life experiences and share that many of them have had the same experiences and feelings, assists in forming a cohesive bond.

This type of therapy assists spouses in understanding the causality of why their significant other has a mental problem or disorder, and how changes in behavior patterns can actually allow them to cope with many different marital problems that may arise.

Since the family unit is an integral part of our society, it is imperative that when a family member has a mental illness that the entire family understands and is educated concerning this illness. This allows the family to learn great coping skills that can be utilized in times of despair and will also arm the entire family with helpful and structured dynamics concerning the family member's illness. This will assist the entire family in being able to bond and grow constructively and positively.

With the types of therapy listed above, as your therapist, I will encourage you to participate in therapy. If you or anyone in your family has a mental illness that is becoming disruptive and is causing conflict in your life, please, seek help! Therapy is the KEY! It will open the door to stability and calmness that should be integral factors in everyone's life!

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